Is your organisation ready for a major crisis? Are you confident your crisis teams are sufficiently competent to respond to a major incident? How would you know?

It’s difficult to know exactly how well prepared your organisation is to respond to a crisis. Our comprehensive evaluation frameworks are designed to evaluate your organisation’s crisis response capability and pinpoint exactly where you are now and where you need to improve.

Our evaluation frameworks take the guesswork out of assessing performance. Most importantly, they help you avoid wasting limited resources on activities that don’t meaningfully contribute to usable crisis response capabilities.

Programme effectiveness

Team performance

Measure Programme Effectiveness

Our proprietary evaluation tools enable you to objectively analyse the health of your crisis management programme.


Our RealityCheck Assessment Tool is designed to provide a snapshot of the health of your crisis management programme, covering all essential aspects of your organisation’s crisis management capability.

RealityCheck provides a start point for a more in-depth discussion about your requirements.

One of the outputs of a RealityCheck assessment is that we’re typically able to recommend a few ‘quick fixes’ that will enable you to improve your organisation’s crisis management capability.


Our CrisisScore Assessment Tool builds on RealityCheck, providing a more in-depth review of your current crisis management programme. CrisisScore incorporates the full spectrum of crisis management dimensions, including structure, policies and procedures, training, preparedness, facilities, resources, and more.

CrisisScore builds into our Crisis Response Maturity Model Framework. You’ll be able to see exactly where your organisation sits in each performance dimension and will have a clear picture of where you need to improve. By pinpointing exactly where your key capability gaps are, you will be better positioned to apply available resources to addressing those gaps.

We can also assist you to develop an implementation roadmap, prioritising different activities to enable your organisation to build an effective and resilient crisis management capability over a realistic timeframe.

Measure Team Performance

Crisis Team Evaluation

Do your teams require more training? Are you doing the right type of training? Are your teams benefiting from exercises? Are your teams sufficiently cohesive to be effective? Do your existing processes enhance or impede team performance?

We know how challenging it can be to measure the performance of crisis teams. We also know how difficult it can be to pinpoint areas for improvement.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours observing crisis teams during exercises and crisis events. Based on this experience, we’ve developed ‘The Crisis Team Performance Evaluation Framework’ (CTPEF). This framework comprises a set of evaluation tools that enable us to objectively measure crisis team performance.

Our performance framework covers multiple dimensions of team performance, including leadership, decision-making, communications, resource management, and more.

We use this performance framework during our exercises. We can also apply this framework to actual crisis events.

The key benefit of this performance framework is that it enables you to identify competency gaps that you can address through further training and exercises. The framework also enables you to measure performance over time, providing valid feedback as to whether your approach to training and exercises are making tangible improvements.

If you prefer a more tailored approach, we can work with you to customise a performance framework that meets the unique requirements of your organisation.

After all, it’s better to identify weaknesses now than to wait until the team is in the midst of a crisis.