Evaluation tools designed to help you to build your organisation's crisis response capability.

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Measure programme effectiveness

Our proprietary evaluation tools enable you to objectively analyse the health of your crisis management programme.


The RealityCheck Programme Assessment Tool is designed to provide a snapshot of the health of your crisis management programme, covering all essential aspects of a crisis management capability.

RealityCheck provides a start point for a more in-depth discussion about your requirements.


The CrisisScore Programme Assessment Tool builds on RealityCheck, and provides a more in-depth review of your current crisis management programme, covering multiple crisis management dimensions such as structure, procedures, training and facilities.

CrisisScore builds into our Crisis Response Maturity Model Framework. As such, CrisisScore is an ideal approach to discover where your key capability gaps are, allowing you to better manage limited resources.

Measure team performance

Measuring the performance of crisis teams is difficult.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours observing crisis teams during exercises and crisis events. Based on this experience, we've developed a set of evaluation tools that enable us to objectively measure crisis team performance.

Our evaluation tools cover multiple dimensions of team performance, including leadership, decision-making, communications, resource management, and more.

We use these evaluation tools during our exercises. We can also work with you to develop a customised set of performance analysis tools for your own organisation.

After all, it’s better to identify weaknesses now than to wait until the team is in the midst of a crisis.