Responding to complex crisis events can be extremely difficult. Late decisions can prove costly. Wrong decisions can be catastrophic.

We can support your organisation during crisis events, advising your team, supporting your employees in the field, and conducting post crisis surveys.

Advisory services

Field support services

Post-crisis surveys

Advisory Services

When the stakes are high, it’s worth getting a second opinion.

If a crisis event affects your organisation, you can contact us for advice. You may just need to bounce ideas around over the phone. Or we can send one of our experienced crisis professionals to your location to work with your team directly.

We can provide additional context and insight, helping you to see the incident from different perspectives. Timely advice can be invaluable for promoting rapid recovery, avoiding pitfalls, and reducing the risk of any negative impact to the value and reputation of your organisation.

Probably the most important support we can provide is to give you structure. We can help get your team organised, identify priorities, organise information, and focus on the task at hand.

Field Support Services

We can provide direct support to your people in the field.

If a crisis affects your organisation in a remote location, we can send an experienced professional into the field to support you.

We can advise local managers, set up communications, procure resources (food, fuel, etc.), and assist with repatriation or evacuation.

Just having us there demonstrates your commitment to the welfare and safety of your expatriates, travellers, and local employees.

Nepal Earthquake

Case Study

Nepal Earthquake

After the Nepal earthquake in 2015, we supported clients with employees in Kathmandu. We assessed the safety of accommodation options, met with employees to assess their situation, and helped to coordinate transport to the airport.

We also worked with several insurance companies and embassies to coordinate evacuations by helicopter and vehicle from remote parts of the country.

Post-crisis Assessments

Independent assessments from experts on the ground.

We can place an experienced professional on the ground in the immediate aftermath of a crisis to give you first-hand updates on the situation. The information we provide will help you better understand the situation and make timely and effective decisions.

You can task us to gather specific information. For example, you might need to know the exact locations of protests, whether specific hotels ahave adequate security, the extent of flood or earthquake damage, the status of airport operations. Alternatively, you may just need to gauge the sentiment on the ground. We can also help you benchmark your responses against those of other companies in the same location.

Colombo Terrorist Attacks

Case Study

Colombo Terrorist Attacks

After the Easter Day terrorist attacked in Colombo in 2015, we supported clients with business operations in Colombo. We provided first-hand updates on the situation, assessed the safety of accommodation options, and provided advice to enable our clients to mitigate risk.

Want to learn more?

We've written a comprehensive handbook on crisis response. This unique reference reveals our approach to responding to crisis events, including our tried and tested processes.

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