We support organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of their existing plans and to develop new plans, including plans for specific contingencies.

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Reviews of existing plans

Have full confidence that your existing plans are workable.

Many organisations already have Crisis Response Plans in place. The challenge is that often these plans:

  • aren’t routinely updated
  • were written by a third party who didn’t really understand how your organisation works in practice
  • no longer reflect the company’s structure, function or needs
  • have never been put to the test
  • don’t make best use of available technology

We can review your existing plans and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.

During our review, we don’t just look at the content of your plan–we check the usability, too. Can the plan be used effectively in a crisis? Once we’ve established this, we can help you structure the plan to make it easy for your team to use in practice.

Developing new plans

Having a Crisis Response Plan is an essential part of crisis readiness.

If you don’t have a Crisis Response Plan, or you’re considering replacing an outdated plan with a new one, we can help.

Our plans include our crisis response processes, which have been developed over many years. These processes provide essential structure to your team when responding to a crisis.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your structure, communication flows and organisational culture then help you come up with a plan that addresses all your identified risks.

Contingency planning

Be better prepared for emerging threats and risks.

We can help you to understand emerging threats and guide you in your planning and preparation.

To assist your preparedness, we can write risk mitigation and incident response plans and run workshops, training sessions and exercises.