The Crisis Response Handbook

The comprehensive guide to crisis response, equipping you with the essential tools and techniques to enable you to effectively respond to crisis events.

By Grant Rayner

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In a world characterised by uncertainty and rapid change, crisis situations can strike without warning. Whether you are facing a natural disaster, a cyber attack, or a business disruption, having the ability to effectively respond and manage a crisis is crucial to the survival and success of any organisation.

‘The Crisis Response Handbook’, written by crisis management expert Grant Rayner, offers a comprehensive and practical guide to navigating the challenges of crisis response and building a resilient organisation.

This indispensable handbook begins with an introduction to crisis response, helping readers to understand the difference between response and management and explore the mindset required for effective crisis handling. Rayner then dives deep into the principles of crisis response, from acting early and accelerating activity to anticipating contingencies and being self-reliant.

Building a crisis response capability is critical for organisations in today’s unpredictable environment. ‘The Crisis Response Handbook’ walks you through the process of creating a robust capability, including establishing crisis response teams, setting up a crisis operations centre, and developing essential policies and plans.

Preparation is key to successful crisis response, and Rayner’s guide offers invaluable insight into risk assessments, security intelligence, employee training, and pre-crisis planning. You will learn how to develop a crisis preparation mindset that will help your organisation stay one step ahead of potential threats.

When a crisis strikes, time is of the essence. ‘The Crisis Response Handbook’ provides a detailed look at the process of responding to a crisis, from initial response to ongoing management and eventual resolution. The book also introduces essential crisis response techniques that can be employed by teams to effectively navigate complex situations.

In conclusion, ‘The Crisis Response Handbook’ is an essential resource for anyone responsible for managing or responding to crises. With its practical, step-by-step approach, this guide will help you build a resilient organisation and equip you with the tools and techniques to confidently face any crisis situation. Secure your copy today and ensure your organisation is ready to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.


Table of contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Principles
  3. Building a Capability
  4. Crisis Response Teams
  5. The Crisis Operations Centre
  6. Crisis Response Policies
  7. Crisis Response Plans
  8. Crisis Preparation
  9. Crisis Response
  10. Crisis Response Techniques
  11. Conclusion

First published 28 February 2021

Updated to Version 2 on 9 April 2022

ISBN: 978-981-18-0455-7

214 pages